The words were heard on just an ordinary day at school. Those words were moving like the waves of an ocean that would wash you up in another dimension. The words that felt like tin on your mouth. The words that you could put to sleep because you were so bored. The words that were screeching out of my teacher’s mouth. The words that kids would ask, “What does that mean?” Those words. Those words that would change my life forever. Those words that pholiciphers still talk about what in the world does that mean till this day. The meaning of those words yet to be found. “In other dimensions,” my teacher says, “maybe those words will one day unlock the doors to something new.” Maybe those words will just continue the conversation. But that was not true. I was there the day that those words were spoken in class. The words, ringing like bells chiming, like birds chirping. Those words, just ordinary words, spoken at an ordinary middle school. But this was special. “Uranium will fall some day… I know.” …

Some day the world will end. That’s what the Mayans said. The apocalypse, something that nobody will know about … they’ll all be dead. The words still in my head, thinking, maybe that’s the answer to the epocolipce. I wonder about all the mysteries in the world. Some day. Some day. That day that special day, the day that nobody knows about was today. Everyone is dead. Except me. That was the day at history class. The words still ring clearly, “Uranium will fall someday. I know…” The world was bombed! But by whom? Some day, the day I have to say goodbye, but then say hello.

I think that it was a Thursday. It was the first day of my expedition. I was wondering through the messed up woods. The trees were smashed in half. The ground was barren, cold, and creepy to the touch. Dead bodies were lying around the ground. It was disgusting. I find a clearing. A body was right in front of me. I shriek very loudly but I know that did know that the body was there. But I knew that my scream wouldn’t do anything. I was incorrect on that statement and there would be lots more of those to come. The body starts to move slightly. I think to myself, great, it’s like a zombie apocalypse all over again. The body starts to slowly get up and terror arises in my brain starts to panic. I sprint over to a splinter of a tree and hide there and craft a sword out of the wood. The survival class at school actually came in handy for once! The body is standing, it is alive! I was so shocked all I did was stand there partially paralyzed that the body moved. Suddenly I heard something, “Hi! My name is Steve!” I quickly react without thinking about my time learning with Get Ready INC. and say, “Uhhh. Hi. My name is Daisy,”
“So where are you from?” Said Steve knowing that there wasn’t another person alive. Embarrassed I say, “My mom won’t let me tell strangers where I live.”
“Ok” says Steve quite confused. We venture off farther into the wilderness and we reach upon a division line.
“What is this?” Steve asks curiously.
“I don’t know,” I respond. Not knowing that this single step we take would be the worst step of our lives. We step into the unknown and we fall into a trap of blackness. While we were falling Steve said, “Hey I guess it is a good thing that I brought a flashlight and some food!”

It was dark. There was a rumbling sound in the distance. Steve opened his backpack and I opened mine to see what we had.

“I’ve got some raisins, granola bars, bread, water, some matches and a flashlight.” Steve said.
“I have have a wooden sword in my hand and I brought a bow and arrows.” I said we trudge into the only tunnel that had dim lighting so we could sort of see. Steve’s flashlight shined on the wall brightly looking for a place to set up a campsite. The tunnel was cold and gave me the chills. Hours pass as my legs start to hurt. I force myself to keep cool. Finally, we find a circular chamber that had a good pit for a fire. The cite was a dead end, which meant that we weren’t very exposed. Steve said, “This looks like a nice place to have a base.”
In response, I say, “yeah, no kidding.” We snuggle up together for warmth that I thought was extremely awkward. The next day, we wake up and look in our bags for breakfast, but there isn’t any food left in the bag. “Where is the food?” Steve shouts knowing that we would die from hunger. “I don’t know?” I say trying to imitate him. “This is the worst day of our life’s!” We shout at the same time as if we were in an orchestra.

After Thinking about our empty stomachs, we decide to continue to find a food source. We trace back the way that we came from. Back through the cold dark tunnels, the tunnels that give me the chills. We find a new tunnel.
Steve says, “Hey look!”
“What?” I say
“There is a sign over here at the entrance of the tunnel! It says, ‘Danger do not enter. Here lies the entrance of the goblin’s cave!’”
“What is so important?” I ask curiously.
“I guess we should go to the cave in search for food.” So we go to the cave a we try to find a source of something. In the distance, we hear a screeching noise. I stare at Steve and he stares at me.
“OH MY G_D!” We say like a chorus would at a talent show.
“What was that?” I ask frightened.
“I don’t know!” Steve says, “Whatever that was, we should be aware of our surroundings.”
“Here,” I say trying to decollate the situation and giving Steve a space sword that I crafted when he “rose from the dead.” Our flashlights are out ready to defend us. We continue down the tunnel and the screech happens again. We open our mouths ready to scream, but we hold it in knowing that something is out there. My heart is going in a roller coaster right now. Racing through, as if it was hiding in my foot.
“We should trudge through this tunnel so we can eat. I bet that sign at the front actually means something.” says Steve.
“Hellooooooooooooooo…” Says a voice that seemed to be right in front of us, “I am the goblin ruler of this underworld! And you my little humans, foolishly destroyed your self and now the last two, my prisoners!” The king goblin stood at a near 5 feet and was very stout.
“We just want some food!” Shout at the goblin as I vigorously thrust my sword closer at the goblin.
“Pah! You little humans can’t do anything to us goblins!” said the king. Steve attempts to hold in his laugh because we were a solid five to six inches taller than the king. He can’t hold it any he falls on the floor laughing hysterically. He bangs the stone floor and rolls around.
“That’s it!” bellows the king as he pulls out his iron sword. I punch Steve to get his attention.
I whisper to him sarcastically, “I think you made the king mad.” He charges straight at us screaming around like his is a mad man. (I think he was one) We just move to the side of the tunnel and he runs right by us.
“Life isn’t that easy,” I say slyly. He just grunts like a dog ignoring a person. He charges at use and we charge at him. He goes into a full out battle. But we have the disadvantage. He is the one with the iron sword and the iron armor, which I though was completely unfair. Steve holds him off in the front, while I try to find the right time to get the kill. But really, we are just swinging the swords around like maniacs because we don’t know how to use them. So is the king, whom is clearly winning, is also swinging around. Steve gets slashed at and falls on the floor and moans loudly. For some reason, the stone was stained red.
“Ahh yes, and now, the extinction of the human race. Now the goblins can go and roam around planet earth.” Bellows the goblin king, as he steps on Steve like he is conquered.
“Nooo!” I shout getting the king’s attention. The king turns around.
“But for you little miss, you will be my prisoner for eternity!” Says the king. Frustrated on the verge of defeat, I ram into the king without my sword into his stomach. Falling to the floor, the king ignorantly lands in Steve. There was my chance for the kill. I run to get my sword, but I only see more goblins, and no sword. I curse under my breath. All I think off to do is scream so that is what I do. Steve gets up to his feet wobbly.
He commands, “Leave her alone!” Obviously, nothing happened so Steve attacked the goblins. He slashed through one of the goblin’s head, and greenish goo comes slithering out. The goblins come out to kill. Smartly, Steve stays defensive. He blocks, and then stabs the other in the heart. Two are dead one to go I thought. The king rises to his feet.
“Nice try but the match is over!” I swiftly move forward, Steve at the ready. I close my eyes from the sight. All I remember is falling to the ground…

I wake up and Steve is looking at me. His face is a mess with colors. It looked like a rainbow from that angle. I guess goblins had special blood. We continue through the tunnel. We are starving, really wanting to have some food. We ate the goblin flesh, but it tasted like dirt. Finally, we reach an opening and the tunnel opens to a giant, colorful world. There is a stairway leading down that had a sign that said, “Welcome to the underworld, Humans!” We look at each other thinking that something had been stalking us. We reach the bottom of the stairway, and an elf thing is right there. He says, “Hello humans!” In a babyish voice.
“Uhhh… hello,” we replied awkwardly.
“I will take you to your room!” Now, my mom told me never to follow strangers, but since it meant food, we both went. The houses were giant trees that you would see in a fantasy world. We climb a ladder, and at the top, was a little house, ready to fit two.
“How did you…”? Steve asks. But the elf cuts him off and says, “Don’t ask any questions right now. There is something more greater than that that we need to defeat before we will give you anything… the dragon, Helikite!” We just stay silent because we knew that we needed a place to stay and food…

We restock on supplies and then we head off to defeat another terror. I guess this is what you have to do when you are the superman of the underworld. WE continue through the rainbow world, our new home if we somehow manage to destroy the Helikite. Once we reach the gateway to the lava world there is a sign that says, those who enter the nether have never returned. Turn around now. WE just ignored the sign and we go to the nether. The nether opens into a giant cavern with tons of lava and fire.
“This looks like a wonderful place to live if you are a dragon.” I say sarcastically.
“Yeah, they have the home field advantage,” says Steve. We continue through the cavern avoiding the lava. Conveniently, there was a sign that said: This way to death. WE followed it assuming that it lead to the Helikite. WE reach an archway into a mountain and we go into it. There we find fire-spitting ghosts, and of course, they attack us because we invade their territory. Flames are shot at us, and all we can do is hide.
“We should use our swords to block the fire and shoot it back at the ghosts. We stand up from our hiding spot and we start to play defense. In my head, I could imagine that I am playing professional basketball and the crowd is chanting the defense chant. A flame heads in our direction. We put our swords at the ready. I sing and the ball and hit it. All I think of doing is to stare at the ball. Another ball is flung at us and I’m not paying attention. It hits me in the stomach. My shirt catches on fire. I go into panic mode. I don’t know what to do. I run around in circles wondering what to do.
“Help!” I shout towards Steve.
“Stop drop and roll!” Steve says. So, that is what I do, Steve is still blocking the flames. He hits one. Now there is only three left. One is dead; the ghosts go into rapid-fire mode. They all shoot at the same time and more than one at once. Luckily, I stand up and block with Steve. Our combined surface area is able to cover all of the balls and they shoot right back at the ghosts. They all hit with a boom, and just like that, the ghosts are gone. There is an explosion, we run out of the cave and back to the nether.

We continue through the nether and we reach the end of the path that says: to death. There is yet another sign that says, here lies the chamber of Helikite.
“Well, here goes nothing,” says Steve as he opens the door with a bang. We enter, and the dragon is there as if he was waiting for us.
“Welcome, to your death points little humans,” bellows Helikite, “I have been waiting for this moment to happen all 5,000 years of my life!” I look at Steve and he looks at me. WE got the message, kill this stalker! We do what is natural. We charge right at him. But that did nothing. Helikite just poofs out some of his fire and we run back.
“That clearly didn’t work!” I shout. So, we split up. He turns after me. Inside I am scarred but I try to remain calm. I slash at His foot, trying to get some pain into him. His foot comes right off. Lava comes pouring out of his foot.
“Run!” Steve shouted as loud as he can. The foot respawns and Helikite is ok.
“This reminds me of Achilles!” I shout knowing that just slashing at him would do no good. Helikite throws lots of fire at us. Because we are is scared, we run away, leaving the wall with a giant hole in it. The entrance to the cavern is open, sounding the alarm to the rest of the monsters of the nether to come out to kill us. I rummage through my bag, and find the bow and arrow from the beginning of our journey. The back ups arrive and we turn this into a giant death match. Swarms of every horrible creature you could ever imagine from your childhood came to life in front of our eyes. We slash our words around, killing too many monsters of our liking. We set off here to kill one, not one thousand. We don’t pay attention, and Helikite fires. It hits both of us, searing through our shirts and most of our skin. Blood starts to rush from our noses, because some of the monsters had hit us with their fists, as if Helikite wanted to kill us himself. The walls are on fire and we are trapped.
“We have to kill all of these monsters!” Steve says.
“Yeah, at least they don’t respawn like Helikite.” WE continue to fight, more and more monsters filling in the path out. The only reason we are still on our feet is that we don’t want to die. We kill, more and more, blood being drawn throughout the floor of the cavern. Finally, the monsters are no more. But Helikite was just getting warmed up.
“Good… Your journey to being my slave,” bellowed Helikite.
“Listen,” I say, “we only want a place to live.”
“No, you must die or be my slave,” said Helikite. Steve gulps, trying not to cry.
“Ahh. Yes,” Said Helikite slyly “I could give you a giant house to live when you become my prisoner. Give up you pesky loser. You seem worthy of helping me of your powers that I shall grant you, If you surrender.” We both stare at each other. “Never.” We say in a dark voice. “You must defeat us. We won’t give up.”
“ Fine,” He says, “I’ll just kill you…” He shoots fire at us. We dodge it. I go behind him. I stab him in the back. He growls loudly. He burps out fire loudly. Steve’s shirt gets caught. Every thing went in slow motion. Steve drops and rolls. I go for the kill. Helikite turns around and shoots fire at me. I stab at Helikite. Steve is out cold. It is down to me. I slash at his tail. Helikite yelps in pain. I hit his weakness! I chuck my sword at Helikite, and it smashes right into his heart. Steaming blood is everywhere. Helikite is dead. The blood washes us back to Rainbow land.
The words that meant that the underworld would be reveled. The human race was almost done. Two people left, hoping to just live a life somewhere…

jacob Eichmann, Age 13, Grade 7, Rodeph Sholom, Honorable Mention

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