The Protective, Motherly Sonnet Losing To Time

The Protective, Motherly Sonnet

To you, my best of works, the villanelle
You 19 lines of eloquence and grace
Why just because you aren’t known that well
It doesn’t mean you lack a special place
Engraved upon my lips and in my mind
Epitome of all of what I am
It isn’t tangible, but you take time
Just not in tiks or toks or grains of sand
And yes, I know, you’re itching to get out
It’s hard to be the best and stay sidelined
Yet despite your beauty, skill and clout
Such potency must not be let unwind
Already so ideal and so refined
Imagine when you have your 19 lines

Losing to Time

The gun goes off, startles you, surprise!
As you plan and you brace for your coming demise
‘Cause the course that you picked is the hardest of all
With thick mud and sand and hills hundred feet tall

You start the first mile and no, oh my god!
The hills and the mud are far worse than you thought
As you trek through the muck and the slime and the sludge
From your calf to your hip your legs fill up with cuts

It only just started, but you’re already dead
And once fatigue comes it can never be shed
You wish you could stop and you wish you could rest
But you couldn’t bear being a quitter, not yet

And with each coming minute come new aches and pains
First your calf then your back then your knees then your brain
You’re feeling the pressure and losing your mind
Passing more and more people but losing to time

And all of a sudden there’s one mile left
And without two fresh legs and without any breath
You realize you’ll have to dig deeper than ever
There’s no other path when you want to be better

As you pound and you plod and you push and you kick
You’re running in quicksand and carrying bricks
And then, out of nowhere, the finish line’s passed
You’ve finished the race and you’ve run it quite fast

The coach with a smile says “Wow, that was great!”
“You needed top ten and you finished in eighth!”
Then your countenance shifts as you realize your fate
Your trophy is next week’s yet tougher race

Josh Kotran, Age 16, Grade 11, Packer Collegiate School, Gold Key

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