The Hair

The Hair
Suddenly, I just realized I have to go to George Rochester’s house. George has been my friend for 10 years, since kindergarten. I hate eating at George’s house since his parents always serve fish. Fish, fish, fish. Nothing different.

Tonight they said they were going to have a surprise dinner. Probably fish filleted, which tastes like crap. I feel like throwing up every time I eat their fish. They’re throwing a surprise dinner because our baseball team won the World Series.
You see, they always make fish with something special about it. One time, they put a trout inside a salmon and thought it was the best dinner they had ever tasted.
Besides the combination of different types of fish, they also put a lot of herbs and spices on the fish. One time, they filled a bass with salt and said, “This bass went to sea and became a salt water fish!” They just laughed hysterically, while I sat eating it, dying from dehydration.
When I arrive at the Rochester’s house, George and I play videogames.
George is a tall kid, well, tall for his age. He has auburn hair, like his parents and is very lean. I, on the other hand, am very small and have black hair. I’m pretty much a fly in a giant’s lair.
“So, George, what’s the surprise fish dinner tonight?” I ask in a sarcastic tone. “Carp smoothie? Trout fillet?”
George’s response is, “Actually Ben, none of the above. I can’t tell you. The surprise will probably blow your mind.” When I hear George say that, I think it could be pizza or burger, but the Rochesters would never do that. It’s probably the carp smoothie.
“Ben, George! Dinner’s ready!” Yells Mrs. Rochester. On that cue, I’m ready for disappointment. I’ll probably just act really surprised, so they don’t feel bad.
I enter the kitchen and am greeted by the yummiest dinner I have ever seen. It’s fried chicken, French fries, and mashed potatoes.
Mr. Rochester serves me a plate and there’s a problem. There’s a hair on it.
I couldn’t believe it. The longest hair I have ever seen is on my juicy, succulent, meaty, fried, lip-smacking, stomach-growling, chicken.
“Mrs. Rochester, could you get this hair off my chicken?” I was about to say, but I caught my tongue. I remembered their hairy salmon dinner, which I couldn’t eat, and they all seemed mad at me.
I decide to work around the hair and start on the French fries. I then discover something amazing. Dipping the fries into the mashed potatoes. It’s the best combination ever! Double potatoes across the sky!
“Ben…” Mr. Rochester begins. “Why haven’t you touched your chicken?” I have to come up with an excuse.
“Mr. Rochester, I’m simply saving the best for last.”
I decide to start on the juicy, succulent, meaty, fried, lip-smacking, stomach-growling, chicken. I have to eat around the edges because the hair is blocking the access to the middle.
It is probably the most wonderful chicken I have ever eaten in my life. It tastes like there’s a unicorn party happening in my mouth. I wish this meal would go on forever.
When I finally get done with the edges of the chicken, I have to take care of the hair. I pretend like I’m taking a break, but I’m planning something. Should I blow it off? No. They’ll probably see a huge hair flying across the table. Should I pick it up with the fork, drop the fork, and then get a new one? No. They’ll probably see a huge hair on a “dirty” fork. All my solutions are met by a “no.” I’m about to just eat the hair. Here we go….
“George, there’s a hair on your chicken. You were about to eat it.” Mrs. Rochester says calmly, as she picks it up with her fingernails. I realize now how small the hair really is. She throws it away and I start back on the juicy, succulent, meaty, fried, lip-smacking, stomach-growling, chicken, and I love it.
When I finish, Mrs. Rochester gives us all chocolate shakes. They’re really good, except…this one has a hair on it.

Wallace Hurry, Age 12, Grade 7, Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy, Honorable Mention

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