Rodent’s Quandary

Rodent’s Quandary

“To be or not to be” Shakespeare

Grass is groomed like an Islamic girl’s arm hair. Plant cuticles sharply sprout up as a pack of ants nibble at the white sprouts. The sun ejects globs of blinding gumdrops as the willow tree brushes daisy-ridden locks.

Nuanced Man lays proud and definite in Geranium brush. Yearning for steady Nature to intrude on deceiving world, man brushes baby Bumblebee away from naked foot. His hands cradle tangled neon mess as he imagines a world full of this. The crassness of Dover Town left a slimy trail down the dirt trodden passing as the nuanced Man with wide almond eyes lingered on a young girl’s memory.

By sunset grove lying jittery and restless sprung a frazzled Gerbil. Cheeks puffy with a friendly gumption, Gerbil was known for neurotic energy and endless searching, always new ventures to uptake in Ripton Forest. With thin, slender paws that rubbed together when night arrived and the forest dove deep into a cool sauna, Gerbil extolled feminine vigor onto primal force of forest. Gerbil, unaware of enlarged cheeks and wide legs, hid behind the shedding Oak, wagging a sultry tail at nuanced Man.

Deciding, from long tweed jacket that hung like waving curtains on his smooth body that it loved the nuanced Man who sat like giant, injured lamb. Man reminded Gerbil of Cross it saw by wooden bell tower, lying with arms outstretched and body limp and broken like stepped-on pine cone. Gerbil noticed hands, bigger than itself, lying like old Red-Wood roots, yearning for brawny trunk.

Earthly pride twinkled in Man’s sweat-sparkles, winking at flaking forest. Gerbil, in quiet insanity, licked girlish hands and washed triangle ears back.

As Gerbil watched and watched nuanced Man’s fixed limbs with beady, minuscule eyes, its hands became clammy and brushed droplet of sweat onto neighboring leaf. Gerbil caught reflection in collected dew. Saw coarse, stubby, not-quite fur and panicked. Grasped onto bundle of hazel follicles and let out despairing whimper, squeaky and tragic. Quickly covered mouth- no, the nuanced man could not see gerbil, no, nuanced man was man and large and gerbil was small and coarse. Nervous Gerbil, body almost tickling itself to madness, began scurrying down the forest ally ways to find river with proper reflection, to find river to graze back soil-like hair.

Petite feet trampled animal remains while fluttering pieces of the world jerked to Gerbil’s manic escapade. Baby Daisy, comfortable around rainbow thicket of flower, caught Gerbil’s ball-point brain. Need blossom to bring out spurt of beauty in stubby self, need yellow tinsel for tie-dye allure. Its brain was sharp like computer letters, rounded and accurate, but, like letters, disconnected and unharmonious. Caprice was gerbil’s mantra, and thrust into indefinable love for nuanced Man in tweed jacket, the gerbil clinked sturdy yellowed teeth in hearty salvos:

“Oh twigs, cascade before me with your slender, crooked bodies!”

“Oh pastel pebbles, flip over like Mexican Jumping beans!”

“And you, ruler-strait horizon, curve with me, wave those rafting hips!”

Gerbil went on and on until ringing voice became damp and tones connected like irregular concord. Nature was stagnating and still around bloated Gerbil with wispy facial hair. Gerbil’s over-heated body was relived when it reached river that rose in even crescendos. River seemed to be swimming in and with itself as Gerbil groomed its stocky body in abrupt strokes.

Gerbil pleased with baby Daisy by left earlobe, it snickered to itself, as all content gerbil’s do, becoming smug with smoothness of skin.

Gerbil thinks- more pine nuts or nuanced man? Scrumptious pine nuts, dapper with earthly glow, or broken warrior man with muscled hands by Germanium brush?

Deciding, with unwavering confidence, to confess its love for nuanced Man and then eat fresh coop of pine nuts. Gerbil dwindled forth to human’s dwelling and caressed now-twitching paws as it approached shaded, sun-set grove.

Nuanced Man lay with purple buds grooving in between thick sews of skin. Hair tussled onto straight-chair shoulder, Gerbil croons neck forward to watch man clunk petals off of tulip flowers. Gerbil, now confident with compact exterior and manicured whiskers, twiddles closer to dozing hulk Man. Man looked like mammoth bone, and though tussled and subdued, man was masculine with sturdy muscle. Gerbil receives acrid whiffs of forest remains and hopes nuanced Man won’t suspect Gerbil of such a grotesque faux-pas. Nuanced man sniffled and grazed stone-shoulder to scratch spiraling ear.

Needling forth with paws tapping forest-bottom and spine bone arched like pelican’s beak, Gerbil mustered its rodent courage and nudged Man’s cherub toe. Man twitched dirt-bordered nail; be speckled by soft white fungus. Trees waved watered tendrils and transformed gerbil into porous mess. Stricken by soaking vanity, Gerbil rasped into adjacent scruff of weeds.

Seeing reflection again in same dew, Gerbil assures itself of humid appeal, with fur stretched back against firm skin, Gerbil’s elastic confidence springs upward into a mousey-egotism. Gerbil curtly itches white nostril hole with polished nail.

Globular pine-nuts waiting in munch of Autumn’s excrement. Must tell Man of serendipity’s love …

Gerbil stares at nuanced Man with rubber-band longing. Nebula of water colored dreams spreads out like picnic in front of Gerbil.

Sea-sprayed beaches with hollowed shells and Man to hold up above tumultuous sand cities…

Drumming mountains and Man ripping hackneyed love from Mother Nature’s heart…

Gerbil carries itself away with marring delusions. Knocks pebbled skull on ancient rock to awaken back to shrewd reality. Man now droning forest sounds with phlegm-coated coughs.

A strident noise chatters forest. Gerbil hears Thunder rippling against forest canopy. No, not beastly Thunder, no, not the impersonal stride of rodent in downpour.

Gerbil shivers and is jolted forward by tempest, plopping onto Man’s angular collar bone. Man’s face is platter of features descending upon watered Gerbil as Gerbil’s adrenaline flushes forth into twitching mouth.

“Squeek Squeek Squeek”

“I Love You”

Gerbil gushes and clutches onto Man’s curling chest hair.

Man wipes Gerbil away like inconvenient leaf. Sorry to be born on cycling Tree.

Man shakes away Forest scruff and tramps away, hiding from the Forest’s wet tantrum.

Man did not hear Gerbil but Gerbil heard Man.

Gerbil lies in growing mud pool for 1000 days.

Gerbil grows ill from mushrooming sadness.

Gerbil builds modest furrow in nuanced Man’s deep footstep. Uses waned Daisy as light-less chandelier.

A Gerbil’s hopeless sedition

Tatiana Dubin, Age 17, Grade 11, Hewitt School, Gold Key

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