Malignant & Through the Windshield

Through the Windshield

I feel like a Jack o’ Lantern–
My insides all scooped out,
Jagged holes carved into me
With unpracticed hands–
Put on display for all to see.

When I lift my head,
Street lamps wave good-naturedly before my eyes
But not before I realize
I’m laying on the hood
Of my parent’s minivan,
Little bits of glass sparkling about me like pixie dust.


Every day
Her arms grow
Her shirt
Becomes baggier
Her hair
Is wispier.

It is
Eating her–
Devouring her–
Her own cells
Waged war
On her.

Madeleine Snider, Age 15, Grade 9, Hunter College High School, Honorable Mention

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