Astronomer, She Swung

I want to be an astronomer,
look at Saturn through my telescope and realize it looks like a sticker

let’s pretend we are astronomers
and get lost in the starry skies together

I really think I would be a good astronomer
I have a stargazing app on my iPhone, so I’m halfway there.

maybe I’ll become an astronomer
And get letters from Curiosity. to: earth, love: mars

I am working on being an astronomer
trying really hard to count the stars.

I don’t think I’d be a good astronomer
too many spheres lost in forever to keep track of.

we should become astronauts
Let’s go to the moon together and leave eternal footprints

Permission to Launch?

She swung
and when the blade made contact and a split appeared right down the
and out of it rushed
and it was out,
But not all of it

So again, she swung
Higher, faster, harder than before
and with passion that which can not in this universe
Be matched
The blade cracked it and.

The piney earth met her knees
and the sweat that pooled on her brow took a ride
O Her nose
and the flames hissed and crackled
and the bubbles slipped over
and time was up.
As the flames crackled
She cracked a smile.

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