I will! I Was Here!

I was here!
Everyone will know
That I was here.
My personality, my presence,
Everything will be clear.
It’s written out
Plain and simple.
My meaning is deeper
Than my back dimples.
When I leave,
It doesn’t mean that I’m gone.
I’ll be back before you know it,

It won’t be long.
I know you get scared
When you’re alone.
But don’t look at the clock
In no time I’ll be home.
Everyone will miss me
Being near.
Because they’ll vividly remember
When I was here.
I want you to remember me,
Like you do your name.
Remember me well
Because when I’m gone it won’t be the same.
I don’t want to be known
As just that girl.
I want you to think I’m the sun
That revolves around your world.
Trying to forget me
Will be like going to war.
It’s like you’re traumatized
And I am a brain scar.
I’m going to say it loud,
And let it be known.
That I was here,
It’s etched into stone!

I will!
Maybe I can make a difference?
Maybe I can make a change!
Maybe I can prevent the world from being…
So deranged.
Maybe I can end world hunger.
Maybe I can end world pain.
What if I can win?
What if I had power?
What if I could change the world,
In the matter of an hour?
Would you believe me?
If I said I had the world in my hands.
Would you believe me?
If I said I was going to make a stand.
Would you believe me?
If I shouted from a microphone.
My voice is strong.
Although I may stand alone.
Well you have to believe me,
Because you are all alone.
I ride solo like a personal agent.
No excuses…
They are only for the incompetent.
Well you have to believe,
Because I will succeed.
Many hearts, many souls will be freed.
Because I’m going to achieve.
I will give,
They will receive.
I will rise,

Chenelle Agnew, Age 14 Grade 10, High School of Telecommunication, Honorable Mention

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