The Dreams Of The Discarded

The Dreams of the Discarded

The city that never sleeps awakes again
The mountainous buildings stretch their endless arms
Up, up, up past the untouched pure white wisps of cloud
Past the golden array of sunlight and warmth
Their shadows more vast than the ocean of people that gazes up at them
The New York that everyone dreams of lies right here in front of us
The opportunities, the hopes, the dreams
Just waiting here for us
But the New York that nobody wants to know is awake too

Discarded from society like a odious rodent
Thrown out of the gates to live on the miserable streets
They walk like the rest of us
They talk like the rest of us
They dream like the rest of us
They are humans
They conceal themselves
Hiding from their shame
In the dark shadows and cramped nooks of the unforgiving buildings
They are not translucent
They are not rare
They are humans
But we sleepwalk past them as if we are in a dream

Ryan Kilgallon, Age 13 Grade 8, Convent if the Sacred Heart, Silver Key

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