Inspiration Poetry: Flower Girl

This Poem written by Edie Abraham-Macht was inspired “Imperfection in Perfection” By Paulina Beron presented in the NYC Scholastic 2013 Art Winner’s Gallery at the Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education.

Flower girl
Tears stream down her face,
and the flowers of her soul bloom in the palms of her hand.
Everything is beautiful,
and inked in blue because that’s the color she feels.
To me, blue is the sky on melty, laughing summer days,
or the blue of the ocean that dances and sparkles invitingly.
Why is blue sadness?
Sadness should be black,
because black is a void,
a forever that you want to get rid of but can’t.
Something simple takes shape inside of her,
and the eyes take on their look of sadness,
the true colors are hidden behind blue,
Blue of sadness,
And summer days are left far behind.

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