I Am Not

i am not:
i was born on wrong side
of the tracks
i am the daughter of a blues,
from the womb of a woman who did the very best she could.
i am not the lazy one
i am nile river and afrca bleu water
i am not less than
i am just enough
i am not slave
i am no longer the little girl longing for a daddy
who was never there
i am bridge
i am the tree
bending but never breaking
i am the girl cherished by a grandmother,
protected by a sister
i can’t dance on the tips of  my toes
but i can write my future.
i am the ripe mango,the coconut milk
i am not loud one
i am not just slave,just africa

Mah Hawa Bangoura, Age 14 Grade 8, New Millennium Business Academy Middle School, Gold Key

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