Writing Portfolio- Lucy Tan, Age 17, Grade 12, Stuyvesant High School, Gold Key

Icebergs in the Sky

Those clouds like icebergs in the blue
sea, blue sky, floating by slowly being
moved by the wind, the breeze, the
currents of the sea, deep sea, deep blue
sky into the universe and cosmos
exploding stars and meteors, glowing
sea urchins and sponges of debris
within the depths of the depths
and caves behind black holes,
octopuses dwell, tentacles cradling
satellites and rocket heads dipped
in murky black ink surrounding
one lonely planet called Earth.

To the Drowning:
What could be worse
than being immersed in the deep –
blue, dark –
sea, far from –
land, from –
home, from –
everything but the abyss of which you are in,
as you rivet down a spiral of hurt, mistrust,
abandonment. You – are out at sea
with no one to call “friend,” you –
are out at sea with your arms outstretched,
your fingertips reaching and reaching to
something more than just deep sea, deep blue,
no love. I love you; don’t
give up because –
no downward spiral will ever be as down
as when your toes touch the ocean floor and
rebound back up – full of
glitters and sparkles.

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