Writing Portfolio- Lily Lopate, Age 17, Grade 12, Berkeley Carroll School, Gold Key

Over Easy

The next time I’ll be seeing you

You’ll be wearing a yellow raincoat

And crimson shoes.

I’ll be there long before you and looking forward.

Your hair’ll be damp and attractive.

You’ll be needing a pen to write.

Even though I’m the one who writes.

And I’ll buy you some plaster,

To cover up your mess in the wall

Behind the brass doorknob, with the paint splatter on the side.

I don’t want to see you

Because it makes my brain buzz

And the whole time I’m with you it’s unsettling

Ultra violet to Infrared.

Gulping down teaspoons of sugar.

Crystalizing in my sour mouth.

And I’m still not liking your crimson shoes.

So I think what I want,

Is a cactus in my window

A calico cat and an over easy egg

On the side.

Before you happen by again

With those damn crimson shoes.

And you stare past me, wish me the inevitable goodbye

Before blowing your predictable kiss

And enforcing my star struck melancholy.

And I knew it would be this way.

When you walked away

Without a thought of me.

Your feet pleased with themselves

In your stupid crimson shoes.

And my false ideas

Of tantalizing perfection.

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