Writing Portfolio- Sharline Dominguez Age 17 Grade 12, Brooklyn College Academy, Gold Key

Marilyn Monroe

Francis- Snyder mentioned that not only are
the needs and interests of students a priority
potential tuition increases were discussed at length
inadvertently pushed to the stairway
Occupy boylan
during Club Hours
The important thing is good content
Comedy is the most subjective art form
sexual references involving the ‘bases,’
a romance fantasized by America as one of the brain and the body
opinions opinions
As cops came roaring into Zuccotti at two o’clock in the morning,
armed with a love goddess,
guns, megaphones, high-powered flashlights,
they captivated the entire world, and continue to do so.

After Pablo Nerdua’s to Mathilde
Lovely, Arabian boy, come back to me with gum in your pocket and a ball in your backpack. Let me see you again in Seth Low Park, making opponents out of young boys by the basketball court. To your clean haircut and buttoned-down shirt, I confessed that my need to be with you was just as alive and breathing as you were. Your affections disguised the darkness that lines every vein in your body. Yet I bathed in these affections, went naked before your eyes, the only organs in you that scared me more than your calloused hands. Just give me a bracelet made out of grass again, and hold my hand so we can walk to smell the trunks of trees together. Dress like a plain human being, as you are on the surface. Let us ponder about Bob Dylan and resuscitate Kurt Cobain, pry his fingers from the trigger. Don’t run but walk back until the soles of your feet can no longer be supported by your cheap shoes, and then you are barefooted. Let the nuisances of physical attraction entrance you once again, and if you have already, she’s a lucky girl. Lovely, confused man, come back to me with aching feet and a bearded face.

Dirty Bathroom

Yes, the floor is wet before a cracked door
Loose hairs and bread crumbs
Hair, weak hairs, from a head of waist-length hair,
In the crevices between unevenly spaced tiles.

Behind that white bathroom door
Hands touch faucets free from grime
Man and woman stroked by towels as
The floor breathes filth into their lungs.

Una Noche en Santiago- A Night in Santiago
He hates it when I get on the roof.

on hot, summer nights when I am
drenched in sweat and
the metal-bladed fan blows so that
chancletas claim my small toes and
Mami knows I’ll get the water for gandules as
a cool, Caribbean breeze threatens window panes,
licking the salt off

outside, the heat loves me and
examines me from head to toe as
crickets on the grass tickle my feet so
on our battered tin roof
feeling for matches in my shorts and
laughing at sister watching through the window
I stomp on the roof

Although the wind blows terribly here.

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