No Love

No Love
            I crawled into the corner of our kitchen trying to blend in with the darkness of the night. He slowly made his way towards my broken up body, I covered my mouth to stay hidden from the man I used to admire, my father. His beer bottle came into my blurry sight.
            “Don’t hide.” he slurred, letting his spit hit the wooden floor.

I hugged my knees and closed my eyes waiting for the monster to strike in attack. I buried my face into my legs, wishing I could blend into the wall, or just escape the cold world. He came closer and closer, until he spotted me, molding myself into the corner. He crouched down, his stench of alcohol stung my nose and lifted my chin with his two sausage fingers.

“I told you don’t hide.” He drunkenly slurred. I shuddered at his touch and tried to move my face.
“I say when you can move.” He sneered. I nodded hoping his next move wouldn’t bruise, but it did. He raised, and slapped me across the face. The pain flowed through me, like being wrapped in blanket full of nails. He stood up, put his beer bottle on the kitchen counter, and grabbed me by wrist, untangling me from the ball I was in. He dragged me across the wooden floor, letting the wooden pieces stab me in my back, to the living room. He looked at me evilly and smirked knowing I was weak and I couldn’t hold up a fight. He un-hooked his black leather belt from his old worn out jeans, and caressed as if it was a baby.
He whipped me across me back several times. He kicked me in the gut with no hesitation. My weak bruised body laid lifelessly on the floor. He looked at me with a blank expression, he then look smug until he saw my chest move up and down from the small breathes I took. From one second to the next his face twisted into a hatful glare, and walked to the kitchen. My heavy eyelids shut, until I heard heavy footsteps pound the floor. I cracked a peek and saw him carrying an empty beer bottle. I eyed him curiously; did he realize that it was empty? He stumbled towards me and knelt beside and grinned. He took the beer bottle and slammed it against my head. The blood slid out of my head, the cuts formed, and the blackness clouded over my consciousness.
*            *            *
            It wasn’t always like this; he wasn’t always angry and intoxicated. Seven years ago, he was a loving caring father and husband, it all stopped when my mother was diagnosed. She did only 4 months after she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Karen Longwood was her name. My father went into a depression, and I only 7 years cried and cried, but I knew my mommy was in a better place.
            I soon started raising myself while my daddy sulked in his office. The day I will never forget, the day things changed for the worst. I had just gotten home from school and I went to my dad’s office to show him what I had gotten on my math test. I knocked but no one answered so I just went in being the stupid 7 year old I was. Big mistake. I saw him in his work clothes facing the window, and I ran up to him and blabbered on my math test. The way his eyes darkened I would never forget, but the way he hit me, I knew the hole and pain in my heart would never go away. From that day forward my life was never the same.
*            *            *
            The summer daylight peeked through the living room window. I scrunched my face and opened my eyes. I looked around and the living room was a mess, I pushed my body forwards and my head spun a bit. I slowly stood up and looked down at my clothes, wrinkled and had small blood stains here and there. I went up the stairs to where all the rooms are (My room, my dad’s house, and his office) I looked into my dad’s office and didn’t see him, which probably meant he was at his fancy job, good. I walked into my room and the first thing I spotted was a small bag, it was my bag filled with everything I really needed, just in case I ever built the confidence to run away from this nightmare I lived, but I was to chicken to run away. The house phone rang, awakening me from my thoughts; I dashed down the stairs to the phone.
            “Hello?” I said sleepily
            “Ace, are you sleeping?” My best-friend since pre-k yelled into the phone.
            “I just woke up, leave me alone.” I said grouchily.
            “I can’t because I want to hang out with my BEST FRIEND.” He said emphasizing best friend.
“Ok. BEST FRIEND, your house?”
“You know it.”
“Kay. See you in 20.” I said hanging up.
I walked back up the stairs and took a quick shower. I quickly slipped into jeans and a hoodie. Even though its summer, I wouldn’t want people to be suspicious, especially Zayn. I grabbed my hate and I was out the door.
I let the summer hit my bit of exposed skin. I walked about 2 blocks and I was there. I pushed the small rusty gate, and I saw Zayn’s mom, Mrs. Daisy. She had short light golden brown hair that curled at the bottom. She was quite tall and had the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen. She was one of those moms, who backed cookies and goods for the schools fundraiser, or was the P.T.A. president, but she was like a mother to me and I loved her for that.
“Hi Mrs. Daisy!” I said sweetly
“Hi sweetheart, it’s so good to see you!” she perked while watering her patch of daisies.
“Zayn’s in there right?”
“Oh yeah, he’s in there.”
“Ok. Thank you!” I said while walking through the white door. I spotted Zayn’s older brother Josh making a pop-tart; I guess he spotted me to.
“ACE!” he yelled. I laughed and walked towards Josh. He ran towards me in his monkey boxers and engulfed me in a bear hug, I hugged him back, and he squeezed and I winced but shrugged it off.
“Did I hurt you with my big man muscles?” he asked
“No, no big man.” I said patting his jet black hair.
“Good, well go before my brother dies without his lover… I mean best-friend.” He said sarcastically. I glared at him and walked up to Zayn’s room.
“Knock. Knock I’m here your life just got better.” I sang
“Ha-ha. I doubt it.” Zayn said, opened up the door and tackled me to the ground with a hug. I let out a small scream and Zayn made sure I was okay. Then pulled me into a hug, I quickly engaged into a hug, excepting the warmth. I pulled away trying to fight the blush coming to my cheeks, he smiled. I looked at him and he had messy jet black hair and was very tall for his age, a lot of girls liked him but he ignored them. He then dragged me into his room and we did what best friends do. We played monopoly for a good 2 ½ hours and of course I won. We ordered pizza and watched a scary movie.
“I don’t get you sometimes.” He said, looking down at me since I was laying my head on his lap.
“Why?” I asked turning away from the movie to look at him.
“Because we have been best friends since pre-k and you’ve been so secretive lately, if someone touches you, you freeze, and wince. I’m not stupid Ace. Something’s up and I want to know now. I mean its 95 degrees outside and you’re wearing a hoodie and jeans!” he yelled. I flinched at his yelling. He never yells me, and it scared me. I was scared he was going to turn just like my father. My facial expression changed from blank to scared, he noticed this too.
“I-I’m sorry Ace, I’m just worried about you.” He said softly moving the hair out of my face.
“Well, there’s nothing to be worried about.” I unmeaningly snapped. I glanced at the clock, and it blinked 8:37 p.m. I jumped to my feet.
“What’s wrong?” Zayn asked
“I’m late, I’m late!” I cried. I ran down the stairs rushing past Josh.
“Ace, wait! Hold on! Hold on!” he yelled, and grabbed hold of my wrist.
“Ahh!” I screeched in pain. He didn’t say a word but he pulled my sleeve up, and revealed a parade full of cuts and a line of yellow and blue bruises.
“Acelyn, what is this.” Zayn asked firmly, looking at my bruises.
“It’s nothing” I said pulling down my sleeve
“Acelyn Longwood, tell me right now. It obviously is something, who did this to you?” he asked worriedly but rough.
“Zayn I have to go,” I said pulling away from him and running out the door.
*            *            *
Zayn’s Point of View
            I let her walk out the door not knowing if she was safe or not. I ran out the door and she had disappeared into the darkness. I walked back inside and sat on my father’s armchair, pulling my hands to my face, I didn’t know what to do. My heart was telling me she wasn’t safe, but my brain was telling me to mind my business.
            “What’s wrong bro?” Josh asked me.
            “Its ace, there’s something going on at home, and she’s not telling me what it is. Help me.” I said
            “I know what to do; we go to her house and check it out.” Josh said instantly
            “That’s a great idea Josh”
            “I’ll go get dad.” Josh said running upstairs.
*            *            *
Acelyn’s Point of View
            My dad yelled furiously when I walked through the door, bombarding me with questions, on where I was. I didn’t respond to his questions and I went to make him dinner. I knew I was asking for it, but I honestly didn’t care, I was just worried Zayn would never talk to me again. As I walked to the kitchen, he grabbed my long brunette hair, and pulled it towards him. I gasped in pain; he then got a hold of my neck and pushed me down to the ground.
*            *            *
Zayn’s Point of View
            My dad raced down the streets of Virginia, to Acelyn’s house, the full moon glowed in the sky. My dad made a sudden halt in front of Acelyn’s house. I ran out the door with Josh trailing behind me. Before I reached the door, a piercing scream came out the house. I looked back with eyes filled with terror.
*            *            *
Acelyn’s Point of View
            My dad had already jabbed me in the stomach, kicked me in my legs, but worst of all threw a lamp at me. I let out a sharp scream, I screamed for forgiveness, for help, for my mom, for everything. The blackness engulfed me and the last thing I heard was,
*            *            *
Zayn’s Point of View
            I took the emergency key from under the mat and barged in, my dad held me back and went in front me. I heard a loud thud and quickened my pace towards the living room. I saw Acelyn lying on the ground surrounded by broken pieces of glass.
Her father stared at us deviously and ran towards us yelling,
            “Why are you in my home!”
            I jumped back knocking into my brother, but my dad threw a solid punch and knocked him out in a second. I ran passed my dad to Acelyn, i sat down next to her and lifted her head up. She look so broken up and dead, but I could feel her soft heartbeat, which relived me a bit. I hugged her closer to me not letting go. Josh came close amd scooped her up as if she weighed nothing, and carried her to our car.
*            *            *
Acelyn’s Point of View
            I wearily opened my eyes, I felt a warm hand on mine and goose-bumps jolted up my arm , my hand tingled at the touch of skin upon mine. My vision cleared up a bit more and I saw black hair ruffled up into layers. I scanned the person and a scar on their elbow and I immediately knew who it was, Zayn.
            “I’ve always wondered how you got that scar.” I said weakly
His eyes grew big and gleamed with joy. He pulled me towards him and wrapped his arms around me like there was no tomorrow and there honestly might have not been one. He pulled away, enough to see my face, but still was holding me. His green eyes glowed between his hair and he flashed a smile. He leaned towards me and pecked my cheek, his lips swiftly moved towards my ear and he whispered.
            “I’m so glad your okay, you have no idea”
            “Me too” I said whole my face flushed at Zayn’s face being about 2 inches from mine. All of a sudden the door swung open in a lightning fast motion, to quick for us to spread apart.
            “I brought cookies, I assumed you were up- Oh sorry I didn’t know you guys were busy, I’ll come back later kiddies” Josh said winking at me. I blushed again.
            “Well then, you ought to get some rest, its been a long day” he said gesturing for me to lay back.
            “I’m not tired.” I complained
            “Too bad” he said
I layed back, to tired to fight back. His face melted away atthe closing of my eyelids. I had so many questions to ask, but I knew it wasn’t the time to ask. I drifted off into a deep sleep, knowing I was safe and sound. For the first time I felt my mother’s wrath and her angelic voice whispering, ‘’I love you’.

Madison Hernandez
Age 12, Grade 7,
The Clinton School For Writers and Artists
Silver Key

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