“Yon tranbleman tè devaste frape Ayiti” I hear the  reporter on public radio

I sit in this tent all day and all night with nothing to do, devastation says the tourist

I don’t have any money and any job, devastation says NY’ie magazines

All my children died, and my houses is buried with detritus, devastation says the aid workers

I have a terrible case of cholera, devastation says the volunteer doktes

Were famous, in an atik, says my brother

I say devastation

We are in this devastation together, say Mr. Preval

My mother is on the verge on starvation, devastation says my father

Massive 7.0 devastation, says BCC

I hear it all

One by one

Waiting for the day

When Haiti’s devastasyon turns into reyenkanasyon




yon tranbleman tè devaste frape Ayiti: a devastating earthquake has hit Haiti

doktes: doctor

atik: magazine/newpaper

devastasyon: devastation

reyenkanasyon: re-incarnation 

<strong>Micaela Macagnone

Age 13, Grade 8,

Grace Church School

Gold Key Gold Medal</strong>

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