L Train Hipster, 4 Train in the Early Morning

4 Train in the Early Morning
The three men sat in a row

on the 4 train

Lexington Avenue Line

They all swayed and bopped

to their individual music

bits and pieces seeping out

creating a low bass line

and a beat

that they translated silently

for the rest of the car

The woman standing above them

the one with the lips drowning in a pool of gloss

the one with the high heel tattoo

and the electric blue fingernails

Looked over their heads

paying no attention

to their soundless symphony

staring listlessly

at the Fordham University advertisement.

L Train Hipster

A hole winces on the side of his

paint-splattered sneakers

Above his face-consuming-beard

are a pair of fashionably vintage glasses

that are used to read fashionably old poems

His rolled up designer jeans

have no scuffs

but a red bandana in their pocket

Layers of plaid encase his lanky figure

his hand carried a dusty brown trapezoid shaped case

most likely enveloping an antique banjo

As he leaves the train

he closes his book-

the one small enough to fit in a back pocket-

and slips in a wrinkly sepia-tone picture

a man and a woman

from Ellis Island in 1907

it seems

to be utilized as a bookmark

Sarah Barlow-Ochshorn
Age 13, Grade 8,
Hunter College High School
Gold Key

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