house in the woods & “Once there were no buildings here…”

house in the woods

she splashes milk into a bowl
she knows the recipe by heart
with wooden spoon and knotted hair
she bakes below the window pane

she looks outside and no one’s there
just quiet rustling through the trees
(she thought that living on her own
would leave her peaceful finally)

she slices fruit in perfect shapes
with sprinkled berries neatly placed
she blankets it in woven crust
and leaves it on the oven rack

she listens to the autumn breeze
just quiet rustling through the trees
the road is blanketed in leaves
(and no one has disrupted them)

and when the handsome pie is cooked
she takes it from the oven rack
she puts it on the countertop
and waits there as it slowly cools

she gazes at its woven face
(perfection that she cannot share)
the crust gives way to fingernails
a berry bite of its entrails


Once there were no buildings here.
The sidewalk wasn’t level because there was no sidewalk
But the ground under where the sidewalk is wasn’t flat either.
There were little hills and trees and things
Just like upstate or something.

Before that it was cold and all the trees died.
Instead of mountains they had glaciers.
Instead of elephants they had woolly mammoths.

So things do change and if you don’t
believe me look at your fingernails every day and know
that the countries on the earth move too
and that soon enough they’ll meet
at the back of the world
and we’ll be able to take a train
from anywhere to anywhere.

David Finamore-Rossler
Age 16, Grade 11,
Saint Ann’s School
Silver Key

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