What I Heard

                                                             How I heard 
                                                  a woman crying tears of joy,
                                               reaching out to hug a new soul,
                                               How I heard the pencils moving,
                                                     and kids moaning,
                                                   how I heard the cries,
                                        and finally the last breaths for a loved one,
                                    How I heard, and felt the love that surrounded me,
                                    and how I heard the footsteps of doctors later now,
                                    How I heard the ?nal words of my loved ones to me,
                                                          and my ?nal breaths,
                                           and now I don’t hear anything anymore,
                                                     but thats not a bad thing,
                                                                   not at all.

Thomas William Zizzo
Age 13, Grade 8
Junior high School 167 Robert F. Wagner
Silver Key

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