Supermarket Murder

Death stalked down the aisle of the supermarket

Her classical statue, tall and imposing

Left a shadow among the

Vegetables, chilled in freezers to retain their


The symmetry pained her

Staring at the strawberries

Young, cold beauty, which will


She herself exists in such a predicament

Eternal life

Frozen at the peak of physical prowess

Long blonde hair adorns her head

Her slight frame is clothed

In black material, a skull dress

From a Goth store’s closing sale

The faces of those skulls stare oddly out

Their individuality reduced to a symbolic

Face with holes for eyes, and cross bones for a body

Printed on that black fabric, layered under that gauze

They suffocate

Her piercing green eyes

Flicked from side to side

She ended up purchasing a


It was the perfect

Balance of firm, and juicy

She bit it, right through the skin

with delicate canines

chewed that bitter obstacle

And then sucked its flesh

It died there

And the taste turned

To ashes in her

Vermilion mouth

Hannah Henderson-Charnow
Age 16, Grade 11
Writopia Lab
Silver Key

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