Good Morning America

I am deprived of sleep
Of illustrious slumber
Of that heaven on top of my pillow
Of my warm cozy comforter
Dark quiet room
My curtains that ripple and billow

But sadly,
Today is Tuesday
The hit-the-snooze day
The go away day
The blurry eyes at the breakfast table
Cold cereal, cold shower, cold ride to school
Cold everything- no sweater
Just learning and talking and yawning
If I stay awake, I’ll do better
     If I stay awake


When I was younger
Every puddle was a pool
Each mirror a playmate
There was nothing to cry about.

Grown-ups can pass magic
Without looking twice
They’ve seen it all before,
Or else they’re good at lying.

But I am in the middle,
And a puddle can be many things.

You’re Going to Die, Too

She loved to play the trumpet,
Her staccato was abbreviated
Until she tried to play high C
Turned blue, and then asphyxiated.

In her final moments,
She remembered locking lips with her instrument
But all of this was good and done
Thanks to her current predicament.

strong>Maya Silverberg
Age 12, Grade 7
Saint Ann’s School
Gold Key

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