Song of the Universe, Lord of the Wood, Drifting, Party!

Song of the Universe

In the beginning, a lonely bass

spirit hovering over

deep darkness, velvet void, all consuming



Suddenly ablaze with brilliance,

sparks strewn in a diamond swathe

a trillion voices, high, cold and beautiful

shimmering, ephemeral aurora

somber and haunting


On closer scrutiny, rhythm is found 

in the music, cycles

slow, deep, powerful 

A mounting, rising song of leaping flames 

the Sun!

bursts into being, in a crash of red-hot cymbals, tongues of heat 

scorching rocky orbs that spin to drumbeats

dark, rough, hissing and bubbling



Then the flute, fluid

triangle raindrops have their say — 

Life stirs to the pittering, tiny notes

waxing stronger to flowery, delicate ferns

and the slow, melodious cello of the evergreens


The buzz of an insect’s small violin

warbling birds, the thunder of running feet

trillings and croakings, the intricate tangle 

of human thoughts add to the crescendo

All joining in the manifold, rich beauty of the 

Song of the Universe


Lord of the Wood


As dusk comes, jogging on tiptoe 

Great Horned Owl and I 

meet perchance 

Hulking form slips from trees

gliding in on silent wing

     I crane my neck to watch him soar, but

Lo! He 


                      alights  overhead.


As I pass  

focused on me, regal face


and turns

      and turns yet more

Ebony beak, a scimitar

ajar to

speak his mind. 


Once Lord of the Wood, he was

though now ‘tis our domain. 

Sage, what wisdom have you?


I am scorched by golden glare, curious disdain

 Young fool, what are you? 

You cannot fly, or see?

Never tasted Mouse?   What is life then?


He flew, WHO!

yes who– can answer me 

that question


your head hangs
Seemingly blank
world, devoid
of movement
But if you look
albino citizens spring
to life, striding
across wintry domains
You draw
back, startled
they meld
lumps and lines on
plaster ceiling.


Music blasts and lights glare

Jostle and Gyration without end

This guest would flee, but do I dare?


Ragged breath in hot air

From dancers who sway and bend

Music blasts and lights glare.


At the bar Boredom sits, taking fare

Complacent, as if there is naught to mend;

This guest would flee, but do I dare?


On the stage the D.J spins, with a blank, unseeing stare

Focused where far fantasies wend

Music blasts and lights glare.


Proud host reclines in velvet chair

Flatters all to call them friend

This guest would flee, but do I dare?


Next invitation I will tear

And never mind whom I offend

Music blasts and lights glare
This guest would flee, but do I dare? 


Zachariah Smart
Age 15, Grade 10
Sar High School
Silver Key