Within Us

Poetry should wear bright red lipsick
Walk the dangerous ghetto
streets like a boss
Without caring about who
Said this and who said that

Poetry should walk into our
Bodies and flow and make
That poetic feeling run within
Us as natural as hair can be

I mean really poetry should
Make the ground shake like a
Walking dinosaur roaming
Through the city and in between
Our fingers

Poetry should make me want to
Enjoy it greatly make
Me want to enjoy what I
Create myself “Ding Dong Ditch”
“Ding Dong Ditch” I should
Feel the impact of my own words
Pushing at me puffing and puffing
Till that last piggy’s house
Comes down to make me
Realize what I am capable
Of, that person that tries and
Gives her all to poetry should
Not only be me but you as well

Poetry should be something
Of nature in between those hallow
Moments and gazing smiles
Should be those feelings that
Stand out not to direct but
Showing slowly and slowly
The poetry within us

Poetry should strengthen
Our inspiration for It and
Let us not worry about haters words
Beating us down
Let those clashing words
Drop and hit the pavement
Floor without no rebound

Grace Godinez
Age 13, Grade 8
P.S. 315 Lab School
Gold Key

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