Forever Asleep & A Piece of the Family Tree

Forever Asleep

I remember

I remember the last time

the last time I saw her

she pointed to her heart

then at me

I remember

that it was

hard for her to breath

I remember seeing her


but this time


I remember the flowers

the tears

I remember believing

it will get easier

but not knowing

if it was true

I remember

that she loved me.

I don’t have to remember loving her…

I still do

A Piece of the Family Tree

I heard the words
but I couldn’t believe it.
It wasn’t fair.
How could we be split?

I knew it was true
but I felt like it was a lie.
It didn’t make sense.
How could she have just died?

I didn’t say a word.
I didn’t even cry.
I just stood there
and looked at the cloudy sky.

There were emotions around me
but I was silent.
I heard my mothers cry.
It sounded violent.

I closed my eyes,
sat down and thought.
Suddenly it sank in
and I became distraught.

My eyes filled with tears
and they ran down my face.
I began to think about what had just become.
I realized that she was in a better place.

I wiped my eyes
and I took a deep breath.
I stood up and thought to myself:
Life is full of death.

There was nothing I could do.
I know she is always with me
And I’ll always be one of her favorites
on our family tree.

Annabelle Mournet
Age 14, Grade 9
Eleanor Roosevelt High School
Silver Key

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