Diary of the Monster Under the Bed, Written on Mr. Spell

Dear Journal,

The first thing I remember is the chiming sound of “This is my room?” What a sound! I was still forming from the dust when I heard it. My head popped out from between my shoulders and I turned to see two pink feet running towards me. I shrunk back in fear but the feet disappeared. Then, I felt several hard thumps on my newly formed head. A soothing voice said, “That’s your bed not a trampoline. Lets go downstairs and help your father.”

I almost followed the pink feet when I remembered The Laws: YOU CANNOT LEAVE THE ROOM, YOU CAN ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT, YOU CANNOT COME OUT WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE ON, YOU CANNOT TOUCH THE CHILD, YOU CANNOT INTERACT WITH THE CHILD. I do no know how or why I knew these laws or any memories they could be from, all I knew was that they were taboos and they were absolute.

I heard quick pounding sounds and the two pink feet appeared again. Suddenly a flurry of colors showered onto the floor. I stared at them amazed. They each had a different shape and size and they were beautiful.

“I unpacked my toys!” came the chimes again. I heard soft steps and two soft feet wrapped in shiny brown appeared. The pink feet quickly pounded away and a long sigh came from the soothing voice. The soft feet steadily flowed towards the toys and a large, tan square descended onto the floor. The pink feet pounded into the room and a cascade of white and blue plopped onto the floor.

“And my socks!” chimed the pink feet. One of these socks slid over to the edge of the bed. It slid until it just touched the shadow of my space. It smelled delicious. I crawled towards it and took in its tantalizing odor but I dared not touch it because of the light. Something told me that great harm would come if I broke The Laws.

“Where’s Mr. Spell?” chimed Pink Feet.

“Here you go,” the soft one soothed and flowed out of the room. I watched in sheer amazement as pink limbs wrapped in blue appeared by the pink feet. I recognized that the pink feet were attached to legs and the legs to a body! The legs stretched out on and the body sat upright on the floor. I realized that there could be more to this body in front of me. I wanted to see the rest of this being. What did it look like? Was it colorful? Did it have a head? Was its head pink too?

“Let’s play Mr. Spell!” chimed the being. It set a yellow box covered with colorful buttons on the floor. He pushed a button and a shape lit up on the box. He pushed more buttons and after each button a new shape lit up. What a wonderful box, Mr. Spell! I observed in wonder and soon the box spoke in a monotone voice. It said “hello.” I watched the miracle again as the being pushed buttons and the box talked back. I soon realized that each button caused a particular shape to light up, and certain shapes made the box speak different words. What a phenomenon! What an incredible toy! (This is how I learned the magic of letters and writing.)

“Tait!” soothed a voice from far away, “di-iner!” Tait jumped up and briskly pounded out of the room.

Dear Journal,

During dinner I sat and wondered what was out side the bed. How many toys were there? What did Tait look like? How did Tait use Mr. Spell? What did the sock taste like? I waited, eagerly anticipating the moment I could explore.

Night came and after dinner, Tait came back to the room with blue pants wrapped around his legs.

Mommy came into the room and soothed, “Good night Tait. Sweet dreams.” Mommy flowed away and the lights went off.

I tore out from under the bed and gawked in amazement at the size of the room. The ceiling was so high, the toys were so beautiful, and the floor was cold. There was a door, a table, drawers, clothes, and a face… I turned and saw What turned out to be Tait staring at me. He was stunning! His eyes were pale blue and his face round and pink! He had short blonde hair and ears and fingers and a chest that moved rapidly up and down. We stared at each other for several seconds. Then he closed his eyes and covered his lovely ears with his hands and screamed.

“Mo-ommy-y!!!!” echoed through the room and the sound caused a pain in my head. I ran and dove under the bed just as Mommy opened the door and the lights came on.

“What’s wrong?” she soothed. “Shh, shh, Tait, its gonna be ok. I’m here sweetie.”

“There’s a monster!” he wailed. His voice was filled with terror. “There’s a monster it was right there! And now it’s under my bed! Its gonna get me!”

A monster. A monster—is that what I was? I was very glad to finally know what to call myself.

Mommy sat on the bed, and my ceiling lowered until it touched my head. “There is no monster Tait,” she soothed through the wails and sobs. “Its just a new house and a new room. There is nothing here. It’s all gonna be ok.”

Excuse me? I was quite here thank you.

“Here. Take Teddy,” she soothed, “He’ll protect you from the monster.”

Teddy. “What’s a teddy?” I wondered. Mommy flowed out of the room and turned off the lights. I knew better this time. I wouldn’t come out until a long time. Tait seemed to move around in bed a lot.

I waited forever. I finally could not take it any more and I slowly crawled out from under the bed. Tait remained still. The room was quiet except for slow breathing. In…out…in…out.

I took careful quiet steps towards the bed. I was yearning to get a better look at my boy. I climbed up on the chair next to his bed. His back was to me. It moved slowly up and down. There was an angelic peace about him. My arm reached out—YOU CANNOT TOUCH THE CHILD. I drew back disappointed. I wanted to know my child. I wanted to talk and soothe him like Mommy—YOU CANNOT INTERACT WITH THE CHILD.

Why was I forbidden to interact! Was that so bad? All I wanted to do was talk to my boy. Then I thought for a while. The Laws said I could not interact…but was it interaction if he did not talk back? I leaned towards Tait and whispered “Hello.” Tait turned over and we were face to face.

I panicked and fell off the chair. Tait groaned but did not move. I lay on the floor and waited until I settled down. I got up and explored the room, fascinated by every object in it: the toys, the cabinets, the floor, the corners where lint had collected, the clothes, the window with closed curtains, and the furniture. They were all intricate and mysterious. They sent my mind racing. What did they do? Why were they in my boy’s room? How did they work? What was their purpose? Finally dim light began to leak through the curtains and I dashed back to the bed. As I crawled under it I grabbed the sock, which had slid there earlier. I smelled its sweetness and gobbled it up. It was delicious.

Dear Journal,

It is so lonely when he is gone. A part of me is missing. There is a gap in my day. Tait has been going to school for a year now and lost interest in Mr. Spell. I type in Mr. Spell to fill the gap in my day. Writing is more exciting than I could have imagined. The ability to interoperate shapes to words is an incredible gift, and I am so grateful I have it!

My day begins with the sun. I detest the sun. When the curtains get lighter I scurry for my bed and dive under. I fervently wait for my boy, Tait, to get up. After a short eternity Mommy gently knocks on the door. She flows to the bedside and soothes, “It’s time to get up sweet pea.” She sounds so kind and pretty. Tait pops out of bed chiming, “Time for learning!” He quickly rushes to his cabinet, puts on his school clothes, pounds out the door and chimes “Bye Mommy!” Then the forsaken gap begins.

I use this time to write on Mr. Spell or sleep. Often Mommy flows in with a basket of laundry and I watch her fold shirts and match socks. Her motions are soft and easy as she carefully finds an exact mate for each sock. There is a questioning sigh when she lifts up the final, lonely sock. My tummy rumbles.

After a long eternity my boy comes home! He pounds into the room and pulls out his toys. Sometimes other boys join him and they pretend they are cowboys! Or elves! Or aggressive cats! I always play with them. I go to faraway lands I don’t understand, but we have adventures and struggles together.

When the curtains get darker Mommy flows into the room and soothes, “Bed time.”

Bed time! What a time! Tait pounds away and I get ready for my time.

Tait comes back with his pajamas on and hops into bed. Mommy flows to his bedside. “Sweet dreams,” she soothes and flows towards the door.

“Wait I need teddy!” my boy cries.

Mommy flows back to the bed and kisses Tait goodnight. I wait until my boy’s breathing becomes deep and even.

I tear out from under the bed and run around the room. Staring at the ceiling, smelling his shoes, listening to his breath… Sometimes I look around for spare socks if I am hungry. I play with his toys, imagining Tait plays with me. We have extreme fun and he is my best friend. I mostly talk to my boy. I sit on the chair by his bed and read him the things I write in Mr. Spell. I tell him how my day went and ask how his was. He never talks back. I make up fantastic stories of the adventures he has at school with the boys that play at our house. What a wonderful place school must be.

Sometimes Tait wakes up and screams. I dash under the bed just as Mommy flows in and the lights come on. She flows over to his bed soothing things like “Its ok, I’m here, I’ve got you.” Or “There, there. Nothing’s gonna get you.” All the while my boy is screaming, “The monster! No the monster! Where’s Teddy? I need Teddy!” What is Teddy and why does my boy scream? What is he scared of? After Mommy leaves and Tait’s breath is low and steady I quietly crawl out. I look for Teddy. Whatever Teddy might be I put it on his bed: fire trucks, trains, pants, slinkys, and yoyo’s. I try to soothe my boy just like Mommy does.

Tait is my boy. I love him. He is my one and true friend, my companion and other. I’m so glad he is here. Without him I am nothing.

I hear him pounding outside the room. He’s home from school! I can see his pretty feet in green socks. Mmm…my favorite.

Dear Journal,

The air is full of excitement. I am not sure what is going on. Words like “junior high” and “first day” rebound off the walls. My boy got up much earlier this mourning to a loud blaring noise. Mommy didn’t flow into the room this morning. I know something important is happening because she got Tait a whole closet of new clothes. (Which is good because we are running out of socks.) The excitement is hectic and Tait keeps pounding in and out of the room.

Mommy just called “Your going to miss the bus!” She was right. He had left it in his toy chest! I wanted to grab it and shout, “Don’t leave yet Tait! You forgot your bus!” If he had to go to Junior High I wanted him to be happy there. I think he has left though.

Dear Journal,

The gap is longer today. My boy has not returned yet. I don’t like Junior High. Wait… Pounding steps. He is here! My boy is home! I finally get to know what junior high is like! Here he is! How was your day Tait? Was it fun? Did you make new friends? Was it scary? Why do they call it Junior High? Tell me all about your day. I’m so glad you’re here! …

Wait…He just left…He ran in, dropped his backpack and left… Why? He didn’t even stop to play with Thomas the Tank Engine or Tinker Toys? Come back! My boy, come back!

Dear Journal,

Again, he has not come back. He has been gone for hours. It is dark out and he is still gone. I’m worried. Is he hurt? Will he ever come back? My boy cannot abandon me. He is my best friend.

Here he is! He is ok! Mommy has flowed into the room also.

“So you had a good first day at Junior High?” she soothed.

“It was great, Mom,” he chimed.

“Did you like your teachers?”

“All but Ms. Stein. She sucked.”

“Oh dear,” she soothed in a soft concerned tone.

“Can I watch TV?”

“No sweet pea, its time for bed.” Bed! Finally, I get to see my boy! He got in bed and Mommy flowed next to him.

“Sweet dreams,” she soothed.

“No kisses Mom! I’m in Junior High now. Remember?” he whined.

“Of course,” she said as she flowed towards the door. She stopped. “Oh, wait. You forgot Teddy.”

“No, it’s ok,” he chimed, “I don’t need Teddy anymore.”

Mommy flowed out the door and the lights went off. Well its time to go. Wait… Something is wrong. I can’t move! I can’t m

The next day Mommy was vacuuming Tait’s room when she looked under the bed.

“My goodness!” she exclaimed. “Look at all those dust bunnies!” She knelt down to get a better angle and hundreds of dust bunnies were slowly slurped up the vacuum hose.

Michael Comp
Age 17, Grade 12
Trinity School
Gold Key

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