Down Onto the Black Rainbow, et al

Down Onto the Black Rainbow

Abyss, and murky toxins
Cavort like untouched pigs
Full of Blood
“Pass my eye” spout three
Squawking brittle hags
Back and forth and pass;
Oh! You frigid fiends.


“Go and die for your people.”
They said.
I live in a stoic forest
Full of destitute dullness
Like this tiny worm inching across my hand
I wish they would look away
For an eternal instant
And then this invisible noose would shatter
And silently burst
These reigns wound be
Broken without bond
I could be a white dove floating steady, in the breeze.
Humming gently.

Ode to Books

Into my psyche
Thin pages of microscopic world
Penetrate my mind
Like silky transparent water in a shiny glass cup
Your breathing vibrates my hands
And resonates with my soul
Inner thoughts diffuse
Through my outer core
This book, it opens me.

Alex Hernandez
Age 15, Grade 10
Fiorello H Laguardia High School of Music
Silver Key

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