Hurt people, hurt people

      I am just a kid

I can take a punch

But I can’t take a word

You stop me in the hall

And crush my soul

Like a hammer smashing a stone

Such a defenseless stone

What did I do?

I have no clue

But you hurt me

Mock me

Stop me

From being me

Day after day

      I am just a girl

I’m a tough girl

That’s what you think.

But do you know what hurts me?

No, but you do it everyday

You call it playing

I call it mocking


Killing me inside

So many words that I cannot define

I did nothing to make you angry

To make you hate me

Then what did I do?

I have no clue.

I cry at home

Sit in silence

Hating who I am

Breaking who I am

Ruining who I was

No, I can’t say I’m fine

Because that would be a lie

      I am just a boy

I do not like sports

I like reading on weekends

I wear my pants at my waist

And you call me gay

You say I mean nothing and need to leave this world

Still I fight threw the cold

And try to stay warm

One day I will give up

One day I will say you won

But still I fight

I fight the tears

I fight everything inside of me saying

You’re done.

But still I ask

What did I do?

I have no clue.

      We are just human

We do not deserve the pain

We all now see

Hurt people, hurt people.

We will not continue that cycle

We will fight

Until the end

With all our might

Do you see?

How great pain can come to be?

So we end our prayer here.

And so we say,


Goddess Brouette
Age 12, Grade 7
P.S. 315 Lab School
Silver Key

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