If I Ever Met You

Dad said you would have loved me,
and I would have loved you too.

He said you could make my brother laugh,
when he was a baby.
I cried more then my brother though
maybe you could have made me stop.

I’ve never met you before,
only seen those dusty pictures of you,
hanging loosely on the wall.
You looked like my dad,
and me.

And that Williams College hat of yours,
doesn’t fit my head yet,
but I bet it fit yours just fine.

If I ever met you,
I would shake your cradling hand.
Maybe it would be warm and rough,
like dad’s.

I would say my name,
say I was your granddaughter.
Then we would lie on the uncut grass,
singing up at the stars,
thinking about nothing,
but good thoughts,

If I ever met you.

Olivia Simonds
Age 13, Grade 8
PS 126/MAT
Gold Key

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