I say make me beautiful.
But can you? I was born that way,
Naturally beautiful.

I don’t paint my fingers,
I don’t paint my toes.
I don’t wear eye shadow,
I don’t pierce my nose.
I’m natural still beautiful.

I’m told to wear makeup;
“Girl why don’t you perm your hair?!”
I’m told to dress fancy.
But I don’t need all those accessories
to make up my beauty.
I’m natural, still beautiful.

I’m beautiful from head to toe.
That I know.
“Do your hair,”
“Wear those clothes,”
Should I strike a pose?
I don’t think so,
I’m natural still beautiful.

I’m beautiful because,
I believe I am.

I’m beautiful because I’m kind
I’m beautiful because I have a great mind.

I’m beautiful not just on the surface,
But on the inside.

I’m beautiful with my caramel skin,
And my bountiful hair blowing in the wind.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Beauty is not only skin deep,
It is an idea that is within one’s self.

It is a quality everyone has.
You don’t have find it —
You already have it.

We all are beautiful in our own way.
We all are beautiful no matter what they say.
Were natural, still beautiful.

So here’s to all the people
That think they are not.
We’re all natural, still beautiful.

Denajah Dedrick
Age 13, Grade 8
P.S. 315 Lab School
Gold Key

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