I’ve always tried to be good,

It’s very demanding

I’m a real hound for

                 Doing something for someone.


Hold coats,



Get someone a job

                   Or something.


Open up my arms

Let someone cry on my shirt

But when I get my chance,

        I freeze completely

Some kind of shyness maybe

    I urge myself to do it!


Fling your arms wide

But it’s difficult to sacrifice yourself

                   When somebody’s watching.


So hard to be good

      For more than a few minutes

Like holding your breath.


 However with daily practice

  I have worked up to a

Whole hour.


  If nobody disturbs



I sit all alone

   With my watch in

       Front of me.


Spreading my arms

          Again and again.

No trouble at all

         I am certainly best

                     When I’m all


Escarlin Reyes
New Millennium Business Academy Middle School
Age 12, Grade 7
Gold Key

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