Simple Beauty & Remember These Words

Simple Beauty
A white beach
The tranquility of turquoise radiation
bouncing off mesmerized eyes
A lone shoe
stained the color of red-brown rust on an old shovel
Blinding sand
cotton white against a blue pattern
illuminating the beach with a calming light
Sea green waves
thundering against worn sand
creating a soothing and steady beat
to the dazzling seaside

Remember These Words

Though life is hard
Pick up the pieces, the broken shards
Admit what you did wrong, and stand on guard
Protect your family, protect their heart
Explore the world, but remember you start
And know when to leave and when to part
You still play a role, you still play a part
Lift up your head and hold it high on your shoulders
And remain strong, like a soldier
Let your mind be free
And your eyes see
your body reach heights of great feats
Come home, come home
My heart still looks across the field, like a faithful daughter
We do not mind, it does not bother
Waiting for you to come home
face filled with pride
glowing bright in the night sky

Leah Ross
Age 12, Grade 7
Berkeley Carroll School
Silver Key

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