Speaking Freely, Again

I remember when I wore neon yellows,
And bright, eye-burning oranges.
Long, colorful beaded necklaces fell all the way to my hips,
And Lip Smackers greased my lips.
I remember when twenty books would come in thick, brown paper packages,
And I would sit like a dog in my lobby waiting for their arrival.
Glasses sat on my face,
Velcro sneakers on my feet.
I remember when we dipped my Polly Pockets into Jello chocolate pudding,
And tore apart Ty Girlz.
I remember when I didn’t care what anyone else thought,
And I could say freely what I wanted to.

I wish I could still wear neon yellows,

I wish I could walk into school wearing glasses and Velcro sneakers.

I would if I could.

Now I wear grays and blues and blacks,

No more eye-burning oranges.

Henri Bendel necklaces fall right above my collarbone,

And now Philosophy sits atop my lips.

Now all the Baby Sitters Club books sit abandoned on a bookshelf.

Glasses are long forgotten,

And contacts have taken their place.

Now we tear apart fashion magazines,

Sephora catalogues galore.

Now I care what people think,

And my perfectly painted lips are sealed.

Jane Herz
Age 13, Grade 8
Writopia Lab
Gold Key

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