I Am A Candle & The Power Of Nature

The Power Of Nature

When the day has come and gone,
we brag about our achievements.
Yet a somber truth has arrived,
with all our technology,

we still cannot stand to the power of nature.
When Irene came calling,
with all our advancements, what happened?
We were scared by the power of nature.
It arrived and destroyed everything we loved.
When it came, we were terrified.
It swamped the coast and ripped things up,
and we were helpless before her might.

When Earthquakes come,

they shatter the world.

We are helpless and defenseless before them,

and they destroy our lives.
When the day has come and gone,
we know that the power of nature reigns supreme.

I Am A Candle

I am a candle, radiating soft light.
in the sea of luxury light fixtures,
I look ordinary and unpatterned.
Yet, on a stormy night,
When the luminosity becomes silent,
the little dancing flame is my caring heart.
If fear overwhelms you at any moment,
my brightness can offer you comfort in the dark.
I strike fear back,
and I create a safe haven for you.

I am a candle, burning tender light.
I am aware of what
waits for me in the end,
But, I want to give my best to be by your side.
To melt into nothingness is not
for me to be afraid,
As my offering is the ultimate sacrifice
to you, my friend.
I am a candle,
and my purpose is to serve.

David Liu
Age 12, Grade 7
Hunter College High School
Gold Key

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