I Hate My Life, et al

I Hate My Life
the pizza place on 83rd street
where I had my birthday party each year
from ages five to fourteen
with the mosaics on the walls
and the ice cream sandwiches with clowns on the wrappers
and the big room in back with space for kids to run around
now sells crack
from midnight to four in the morning

I Want Brownies
My parents hate me
I don’t want to do any of my homework
I have to memorize the entire fucking periodic table for tomorrow
My friends are all stupid
Since when do I have a pimple there
I’m not smart
Or talented
I can’t talk to boys
I’m fat
I’m too much of a wimp to steal one of my dad’s beers
I’ll never get into college
My backpack is tearing at the seams
I’m shit at board games
My closet smells like a rat’s crotch
People tell me to make big choices
Give me a brownie.

It’s Hard
I tried to find joy
between the jaws of a stapler
pressing the chubby part of my forearm
inside the mouth of knowing plastic
I tried to make everything better

Keep the Blood Pumping
we die
when our hearts
have nothing
to beat for

May Treuhaft-Ali
Age 16, Grade 11
Hunter College High School
Gold Key

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