One Hundred Pieces of Dark & The Once and Future Queen

One Hundred Pieces of Dark

Sometimes, somedays
When you are going about your daily business
You find one
A little piece of Dark
It can be quite nice, sometimes
The Dark
It is wonderfully visceral
And it gives the mind a chance to stretch
And exercise and contort itself
What is it, you say?
It is just a little piece of nothing
A little piece of Dark
Where did it come from?
Scattered across the world at the dawn of time?
Shards of a magic mirror, flesh of a fallen god
Across the seas, across the endless sky
One hundred pieces of Dark.

The Once and Future Queen

A sweet little killer
Plucked the wings off of flies
With a grin on his face
And a glint in his eyes

He wraps himself up
In his cloak of white lace
And only his footprints
Show any trace

That anyone was ever there at all
Look away
Theres no changing it
Just let him fall

He’ll kill all of them
In the darkness he’ll creep
Kill kings like they’re cattle
Shear wolves like they’re sheep

But on past a hill
In a wood, past a creek
In a cave, in a cliff, in the dark, in the deep
Rests the gemstone-eyed queen in her poisonous sleep

Beware her ice-heart
And her beautiful face
Beware her sweet servant
His cloak of white lace

For I will wait sleeping
Beneath earth dark and green
For now and forever
Once and future queen

Zoe Miller
Age 13, Grade 8
Saint Ann’s School
Silver Key

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