Mr. Magini & The Cat

Mr. Magini

Mr. Magini paces the boardwalk,
His head down,
Wearing a faux crystal crown.
He is king of the boardwalk,
The king of the beach,
The king of the greasy concession food,
The king of its reek.
His palace is the rusted playground,
Its swings swaying in the breeze.
The salty air,
The open sea,
The violent tides.

All for Mr. Magini.

The Cat

A cat in the barn,
Licking his paw,
With his soft, supple nose,
And bed of sweet straw.
He twitches his ears,
And chases his tail,
But lies peacefully, when the mice appear.

The people forget this amber, ginger cat,
His placid disposition,
The cat who’s friends with the rats.

Ginger Adams
Age 13, Grade 8
Brooklyn Friends School
Silver Key

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