Moon’s Tender Light

Yahida enraptured and full bellied

Bellowed open-lunged at the Moon.

Who in response shone brighter,

And seemed to swell, pure and white.

Yahida shook her fists and stomped.

Her hair rippling petulantly in the Moon’s

Infinite calm- which only aggravated

Yahida further, and sent her upon her

Back kicking up as the Moon continued

Inflating silently as it approached Yahida’s

Rage and round belly.

Yahida’s energy rose as the Moon grew

And her body, feverish now, pounded violently.

With each drop and raise o Yahida’s chest

The Moon descended further and further.

Finally it grew so large and so close to her

That her pregnant stomach popped

Between the surface of the Moon

And the crust of the earth.

She fell back, relieved, her breath

Slowing back into submission.

As the Moon receded back into

The black sky.

Sofia Rower
Age 16, Grade 11
Saint Ann’s School
Silver Key

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