A Red Leaf & The Stolen Ipod

A Red Leaf

Caila refuses to jump in,
looking down into green, murky water
as sunnies dart beneath the surface.
A bass nibbles the algae from their scales.
I tell her they bite,
because they do,
“but it won’t hurt that bad.”

The shiny metal of the diving board burns my feet
as I jump in.
I spin around in a 360 and hit the water hard.
The pain is temporary
as I rush back to the dock to do it again.
This time I dive,
breaking the surface with a small splash.
My dad’s splash is a tidal wave
as he over-rotates into a belly flop.

I sprint up the stairs again,
this time seeing beneath
me a red leaf floating alone in the water.
Fall is coming.

The Stolen Ipod

I have stolen the Ipod
from my brother’s bedroom.

It was mine before he took it.
He will get mad at me for stealing it back
and will never accept my apology.

He is having a sleepover
with Oliver tonight.
They will play Angry Birds over and over again.

But I am having a sleepover too
and need the Ipod more

Amalia Axinn
Age 12, Grade 7
Brooklyn Friends School
Gold Key

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