I envy her her everything
Her olive skin and eyes
I envy her her music sense
The way she has with guys

I envy her her everyone
The way they love her best
And whenever she is around
I know I can’t contest

I envy her more everyday
The green eyed monster grows
Her stealing pieces of my heart
I guess that’s how it goes

I envy her her every way
Her poker face, her bluffing
I envy that she has it all
And me, I’m stuck with nothing

I envy her her every look
The people that she attracts
I envy how I cry because
I can’t deny the facts

I envy her her everything
She’s smart and pretty, tall
But her everything means nothing
And my nothing means it all

Francesca Sabel
Age 12, Grade 7
Hunter College High School
Silver Key

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