Cocoon, Role Models


I want to tear off all of my skin

And escape from my body

I am in love with a person that doesn’t exist

For I cannot see his eyes

Or sense his touch

And I want to feel my skin break

And rip

And fall away from my bones

Unrefined beauty of carcass and veins

My hair is brittle and made of porcupine spikes

There is something childish about ghosts

How you won’t miss them until they are gone

Or maybe you won’t notice that they left


Dead girls are skinnier

And bones are considered beautiful

Relevant or irrelevant to the last one

We feed off of each other

We are monsters

Nourished by fear

In order to make us blossom

Our petals are melting

Our stems are breaking

And our thorns are growing

Soon we will breathe deception as easily as we speak it

Allison Rainsby
Age 15, Grade 10
Packer Collegiate Institute
Gold Key

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