Train 1; Train 2



            Rimmed iron wheels chew candy between tracks

            Whistle spews ashen eggs hatching

            Hound nose grate chases schools of shimmer

            Window drools onto cold metal



            Impatient boot toe buries cremated tobacco in steel

            Empty beer bottle shivers shaking loudly

Kerosene coughs flickering glow

            Hot-headed pistons punch vapor angrily





I can see it nearly a mile away,

A wobbling light,

A flickering candle.


It does not move, charging at me

Like a rhinoceros

With horn and teeth and bellow.


As it approaches, the tracks buzz,

Flies circling like tiny jets,

Swarming, armed with probosces.


Sun breathes down my neck, reflecting

Off its metal back,

The flies’ shiny black bodies.


It crawls forward like a caterpillar,

Short-legged and segmented,

Single eye unblinking.


Then it blows one long, harsh note,

Propelling the metallic sound waves (sun glinting off them)

Before its rumbling mass.


I can see its wheels now,

Hard and hot,

Spinning like propellers.


From between its moaning teeth it

Exhales one hot breath

Onto my face.


I smell its breath,

Sun glinting,

And the flies disappear.


Nicholas Watters
Age 16, Grade 12
Saint Ann’s School
Gold Key

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