O! Our Holy City!

O! Praise the streets of fire
Alight with us beautiful species.

O! Hark the beatings
Of horns and the blinks of lights.

O! Sanctum of sacred hollows,
Of desperate bones and quivering skin.

O! Pounding throbbing blood
Thrashing with its own heat through veins.

O! Solitary being
Seen through swirls of colors.

O! Wild fits and throws
Of insanity in the body.

O! Cacophonies of subways rumbling
In the blood flow of the underground tunnels.

O! The rhythms of the city!
Beats and bustle and energy!

O! Quiet of night,
And quiet of day.

O! Glimmering eyes
Of cars, and the faces of manholes.

O! Bless us, holy vessels
Bless our temples and domes!

O! Streets of New York
Filled with fiery-eyed disciples.

Sofia Rower
Age 16, Grade 11
Saint Ann’s School
Silver Key

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