Message To My Father, et al

 Message to My Father

You continue to revert

To the same archaic ways

Taking you back

Into that place.


You don’t like it

And I don’t either, so take one breather

Because the pain in my heart remains

Until you finally make that change.


Review your alternatives

It’s disappointing

To see someone like you

So unimportant.


Stop. Think.

Why don’t you

Why can’t you




She holds you lovingly in her arms

And she knows you’ll cry from afar.

She kisses you goodnight

As you settle in your bed tight.

Because she is the caretaker.

She doesn’t question you’re special

Then you feel the potential.

She loves you with all her heart

And supported you from the start,

Because she is the caretaker.

She listens to you

And you listen back.

She gives you beneficial advice

And doesn’t have to tell you twice

Because she is the caretaker.

She is always tidying up

And always lifts you up.

She gets you out of bad situations

Helping you through life’s complications

Because she is the caretaker.

Because she is the mother.



I Am From

I am from…

My grandmother swirling

Her gigantic spoon

With her timeline of love

Mixing in her sweetness to make the best iced tea.

I am from…

My sunny most beautiful days

When I am jumping and

My thunderstorm days

When I am just sitting, letting my eyes pour tears.

I am from…

My great-grandmother’s house

Where I still have the loving and memorable scent

That calms me down from anger

Then allows me to become the magician of all magic.

I am from…

My peace corner circling around me

Wrapping me in a color wheel

Exploding, erupting, enormous

Calmness; that settles you in deep clear water.

I am from…

The cold and refreshing fruit juice

Tingling the top, bottom, left, right

Part of my tongue

Singing a sweet melody in my mouth.

I am from…

The small speedy birds

Humming a lullaby to wake my inner self

Then makes me want to close my eyes

Wandering to a restful sleep.

I am from…

A soft cozy pillow

Comforting me, symbolically putting me at ease

Allowing me to lean on it

As others need to lean on me.

I am…


Darrell Pona
Age 12, Grade 7
Berkeley Carroll School
Silver Key

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