Whim, et al


The winter winds gracefully sway

sway the dead autumn leaves away

away to wander, wherever they wander

to land where fate takes them.

Then rest peacefully for a while,

only to be blown away again.

Never to return

to the way they used to be.

The leaves go where the winds take them

Dark corners, sunny, frosted windowsills,

rivers, backyards, cold cement.

Sometimes they keep floating.

Keep floating.

Passers-by pay no mind

to the leaves on their journeys.

They just let them go,

let them go…

No control.

Someone Who Will Listen

There is much more in her looking away

than the average eye can see.

What is she looking for? I wonder.

What could it be?

Is she looking for an answer?

Is she looking for some key?

Or maybe, just maybe,

she’s looking for me.

Is she looking for lives,

of those she’s lost?

Or someone to love,

at no great cost?

Is she looking for danger?

Or a safe place to be?

Or simply a stranger,

who’s stranger than she.

Maybe a quiet man,

with sweet eyes.

Or a young girl,

who can see past her disguise.

Is she looking for her mother?

thinking she forgot to come?

Is she looking for her brother?

Does she even have one?

Maybe, she’s hoping to find,

something that she’s missing.

Or maybe she’s searching for

someone who will listen.

A Monster’s Lullaby

When the sun sets

on dark silhouettes,

and the sky is darkened,

the fire awakened,

the shadows dancing.

I see past loved ones,


Running away,

from all the times,

all the hugs,

and all the smiles.

I see him,

and he’s looking at her.

She doesn’t meet his gaze.

She keeps her head down;

she’s afraid.

Everyone is transparent.

You can see clearly.

She’s insecure;

he’s abused;

she cries every night,

and he’s bruised.

I see who you truly are.

Behind all the makeup,

you’re scarred.

All you wanted was to be like her;

Now, you’re a monster.

Anna Lee
Age 14, Grade 8
Grace Church School
Silver Key

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