General Surgeon’s Warning: Smoking causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and may complicate pregnancy.

She sat on the steps of her side door beneath the green awning, blowing cigarette smoke towards the window of her neighbor’s house. The night reeked of misery and the frigidity of the winter air send a billow of sadness through her thinning body, warming her. She tucked her cigarette between the first two fingers following her thumb, tapping the Newport Red gently on her knee to get rid of loose ashes. She watched as the white, corpuscle particles fell jauntily before being bounced back up by the December winds, her dark brown eyes following its path until it disappeared seconds later. Closing her eyes, she raised the cigarette to her lips, stifling a sigh of relief as her lungs took in another gust of nicotine. The moon was nowhere to be seen tonight, hidden behind the dark sky as it fondled with the idea of remaining obscure and revealing itself to the world.

As did she.

The tip of the cigarette, colored orange by the flame, crept slowly towards her hands, and she dropped the butt, relishing the last breath of comfort. She stomped out the flame with an unexpected burst of anguish, bringing her knees to her chest and burying her chin in the crevice between them. Wrapping her arms tightly around her legs, she rocked back and forth lugubriously, hoping that life would someday get better.

General Surgeon’s Warning: As a participant of Life, you are subject to extreme Disappointment or Discontentment as a result of vexatious people or inordinately stressful situations. If, for any reason, your method of coping has failed, contact your doctor for assistance or tips for a safe withdrawal.

Denicia Jones
Age 16, Grade 11
Brooklyn College Academy
Silver Key

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