consider me a dream & got shy

nomenclature part 3.

consider me a dream

consider me a dream.
I linger a minute longer
between twin sheets,
contemplate the angular slant
of her jaw.

I could hide behind
this Saturday for hours
Sunday morning now,
it is so reckless to let
what was become what is

the orange peel curling and
sun-dried, the liberation in
its rusted hue. the ruin
of empires rests on
the stillness trapped inside

the morning after. and now I can taste
just barely the shadow of her lips,
let lips subside to sheets,
I am fast asleep in yesterday,
in the recollection of Saturday.

got shy

got shy
and forgot how
to spell
alleviation and
forgot how to
count to a thousand
and forgot how many digits
were in a google-plex.

got loud
and remembered how
to say
hurt me and
remembered how to
be diaphanous
and remembered how many things
you could be taught.

got snow-blind
and forgot how
to fall
in love the right way and
forgot how to
be a point of light
and forgot the things that lovers
taught me.

got stars in your eyes
and learned how
to survive
with very little and
learned how to
be sorrowful
and learned things no one needed to
teach you.

got shy
and forgot how
to hold hands and
forgot how to
count down from tomorrow
and forgot that lessons
are only what we make them.

Nora Miller
Age 17, Grade 12
Urban Academy Laboratory High School
Silver Key

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