The Day, A Day


I drag myself up from the warm comforter and fluffy blankets of my bed. It is time again, time to face the world at 6:00 AM and I am not equipped to battle. But I do. I quickly rise and dress, pack my bag and gulp down a mug of hot tea.  I dash out of the house, down 11th street towards the subway looming in the dark morning air before me:


Rushing through closing doors

standing sandwiched between men in business suits

sweaty with exorbitant cologne.

            Cool air greets me when I come out of the steamy subway. Now, I must trek towards the looming bridge of the school that I go to from Monday to Friday, and sometimes on the holy days: Saturday and Sunday. It is either debate, BIG SIBS, or volunteering. Today is Tuesday, not a holy day, rather a test day. I climb the stairs of the bridge and hasten across into the toasty air of the overheated school. I laugh through health, write through poetry, discuss through English and then it’s that 10 minutes after third period. They call it homeroom. This year I eagerly await homeroom to see my little sibs:


Looking in my eyes

questions about school, debate, is JSA okay?

do you want a piece of gum?


            Their innocence lightens my day, their happiness, their energy gives me hope just as I must give them. And just as those ten minutes come to a close, three more classes await me.  And I await period seven:


Seventh period lunch

growing hunger pangs unsuppressed



            Then I count: eight, nine, ten. Not to go home, but to stay in the place I call school for another couple hours. It’s a home away from home that I call debate:


Room 627

paper work, practice rounds, novices

pizza and Chinese food.



            After those matters terminate. I can go home to homework, hot food, and sleep.  I walk across the bridge that brought me to a place that kept me for too many hours. I am ready to be at home:        


West Street car pollution

heavy back pack and sweaty clothes

never ending bus ride home.


Loullyana Saney
Age 17, Grade 12
Stuyvesant High School
Silver Key

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