What is the worth of a life?
A breathing, thinking, emotional life?
One moment, alive, and the next–
gone with the wind, a spec in the timeline
what a shame to be forgotten.
He was a silent screamer
A firecracker frazzled b the wear and tear
of words. Poisonous, throat slitting words
Depriving him of the life he had every right to live
he took his own days. His purpose, his dream
but clearly, it would have been a “waste”
“Oh, because he’s gay!”
“It’s so much better now that he’s dead!”

He was a tiny puzzle piece. He had a place.
He was born this way. No body has the right to change
any part of his DNA, or the way he thinks and feels.
Lost, what a shame
Murdered by the ignorants, the savages
who live for the adrenaline game
Hey, murderers!-
do you feel great? Smart and sane?
Look at what you’ve accomplished!
You sent another ‘fag’ to hell, happy?
What is one fag, more or less?
A brother a friend, a son, a cousin, a student, an inspiration
a future mate, a lover, a legend, a hero?
No, just a fag
only in your sick, jaundiced eyes
he deserves to die, right?
And you, you are all nothing but murderers
From the Formspring vandalists, to those who do not bother to
acknowledge his existence
You could have saved a life.
You could have made something out of your own life
but you chose to murder

Alessandra Rao
Age 17, Grade 12
Fiorello H. Laguardia High School of Music
Silver Key

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