I Remember, et al

I Remember

I remember the relief when I got out of the car

And when the warm breeze brushed against my skin

I remember the sun beating down as my mom lathered sunscreen on my body

And the sand that stuck to my oily skin

I remember the salty water that made my eyes burn

And the hot sand that caused me to hobble around with blisters on my feet

I remember the family dinners filled with love

When all of our anger had disappeared

And the sunsets that caused the sky to turn into a creamy pink and orange

I remember smiles from unfamiliar faces as I walked along the sandy shore

And the palm trees that danced in the wind

I remember the excitement that grew inside of me

As I saw the surprised expressions that appeared on my brothers faces

When the icy water crept up on their toes

Or the laughter when their heads popped up out of the water

And when they plunged through the deep blue waves

I remember the sorrow that I felt

As I pleaded not to go

For once in my life

I felt complete bliss and harmony

I remember a time where there was nowhere else

I would rather be than with my family

In The Night

I remember the dread of waking up in the dark

Knowing I was the only one wide awake

And only one thing gave me a feeling of being safe and secure

Were the stuffed animals beside my head

I remember sprinting to the bathroom in the black of night

Or flinching every time something would rub up against my skin

The dark is a scary place

Especially in the night when you feel all alone

The slightest noise or creek can be a traumatizing experience

You don’t know where to go

Except from under your covers

I remember the monsters hiding in my closets

Or under my bed

Or the nightmares that haunted me in my sleep

Who would ever want to live in a world filled with darkness

And fear?

I remember climbing into my Parents bed

Shifting under the covers as not to wake them

Being in the presence of my parents was the most comforting feeling in the world

Especially knowing that if anything were to happen they would be right there next to me

I remember every noise that would come from the window

Every siren

Every honk

Every yell

I remember trying to remind myself

That there is never anything to fear

Except fear itself

Close Your Eyes and Go Back in Time

I wish I could go back in time

And start all over again

I wish I could go back to when I believed in fairy tales and happily ever after’s

When I could throw on a costume just for the fun of it

And act like a princess for the day

I never used to worry I would only dream

My mind would just wander aimlessly through exaggeration

I would believe that someday my stuffed animals would come to life

Or that I was invited to a royal tea party with the queen

I want to be the person I had once been

When I wasn’t afraid to be whoever I wanted to be

Or think with an open mind

I would share my ideas without wondering about what others would think of me

I want to go back in time

To the five year old girl just waiting to be reborn

I wish I could go back in time

And start all over again

Anna Doebele
Age 13, Grade 8
NYC Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies
Gold Key

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