The Actor

Part I- Thespian

There he stands in glory and charm,

with the leading lady upon his arm.

The Actor is nothing more than what he’s called,

a dashing prince, and evil lord, or on the floor a dead man sprawled.

How can one fall in love with the Actor?

The velvet seats show nothing more than what the screenplay begged and asked for.

The Actor is blank. The Actor seems wise,

yet within his wardrobe is only disguise.

Out to the world he seems so fine, he claims and calls to be.

Though it is hard to have a man who never tasted a life, free.

Is he tortured? Has he got no way out?

Perhaps he is simply void of opinion. No personality about.

Is he a man of his own too? Not even the playbill can write,

with a slight nuance of humanity, reason, or right.

His art, his passion, is beautiful to the eye of the Sunday matinee,

but the existence of new character, one he’s never played, does not appear behind the curtain’s way.

Part II- Role at Heart

The Actor will never find himself chasing his heart or falling deeper into a love outside of stage,

the Actor merely uses his art, the lines written on a page.

This is not difficult to understand,

there are countless works with love interest at hand.

Manipulative to his mind, his sight,

the Actor may fall in love every single night.

How can the Actor ever truly love? How will he be whole?

How can one be sure he is honest, or simply playing a role?

Part III- Stage-fright

At last it seems, the only character left to be portrayed, is he.

No studio, no Hollywood, can paint this man to be.

No costume, only clothes,

leave an actor naked, frantic, searching for a pose.

Indeed it is a scary sight, to witness one simply forget a line.

Their face may contort in such shock as to have lost character for just a second of time.

Perhaps this shines a beacon of hope, a ray through the cracks; light,

that underneath the surface, a real man lives, just might, just might.

This man that lives inside, to the Actor such a horrible sight,

Perhaps this is the thing that causes terrible, menacing stage- fright.

Elizabeth Klammer
Age 15, Grade 10
Fiorello H. Laguardia High School of Music
Gold Key

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