I Remember & I Am


I remember back in Ghana when my teachers spanked me on my back with a wooden cane anytime I break school rules.

I remember “April fooling” my math teacher and getting suspended for two weeks. I told him to go downstairs to the main office because the principal asked me to call him so he could talk to a parent of one of the students.

I remember watching “family guy” with my boyfriend when my aunt farted real loud because she didn’t like him. My boyfriend felt disrespected and that he wasn’t welcome to our home. I was embarrassed and that led to our breakup.

I remember how the December cold made my ears feel like they weren’t there the first day I entered the United States of America.

I remember the day my uncle told me the sad and heartbreaking story behind the 9/11 attack. He described how all what he saw were the collapsing of the towers onto the people in the building and said, “it was like heavy rains pouring down onto earth and it was as if God was pouring showers of blessings onto his people.” I felt like I lost a family member.

I remember receiving a phone call in Maryland on November 15, 2009 from my next door neighbor saying, “Hey, look outside your window. It is snowing.” I ran outside to feel the snow and I remember asking my dad why snow felt like something from the freezer. That was the first time I ever saw snow falling.

I remember how different and clear everything looked to me the moment I put my first pair of new Lens crafters glasses on.

I remember the freedom I had at home when my parents traveled for 4 days to Texas to go for a job interview. Not having to go to bed at 7:30 pm, having my friends over and staying at school for long to cheer my boyfriend on the basketball team.

I remember how scared I was as Hurricane Irene was moving towards New York and the sympathy I had for those who lost their properties.

I remember how pretty, sexy and hungry I looked in my Gothic vampire outfit made with black and red silk fabric lace embroidery in the front of the dress and a spider webbed cape, and attached to the dress was a tall cloak collar.


I was created by God.

I have seen him so powerful and commanding while he was

manufacturing me. He gave me liquid sunlight to drink and now,

I shine so bright most people

get cancer from me.

I am dangerous.

I was the advisor and right hand lady to all the world’s inventors.

My knowledge could fill up the whole encyclopedia, and that

was the reason

why Einstein chose me to hold his

hands anytime he went out and to give him a bath.

I am a genius.

My strengths cannot be compared

to those of Superman. I lifted

a king sized bed with my pinky. Anytime

I breathe a sigh of relief, tsunamis occur.

I could kill.

The royal wine glasses get full

when I salivate.

Pearls and diamonds fall from heaven every time I blink.

On my tenth birthday, I danced with a great white shark.

There is nothing I can’t do.

Adelaide Vanderpuye
Age 17, Grade 12
Dreamyard Preparatory School
Silver Key

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